Random Files for Retro Computers and Software

by Pekka Leppaluoto

Roland XP-10 device file for Mark A. Fontana's fabulous MFPLAY 1.2 for DOS

Download and copy XP10.DEV to your MFPLAY directory. Then specify the line


in your MFPLAY.CFG under the "MIDI DEVICES" section.

Compiled using the tone list from Roland XP-10 Owner's Manual.

Roland Sound Canvas/General MIDI compatible MIDI.DAT for Origin System Inc.'s Ultima VI: The False Prophet for IBM PC/Tandy/100% compatibles

The IBM PC/Tandy version of Origin System Inc.'s Ultima VI: The False Prophet features a special text file for controlling MIDI patch information (kinda similar than previous Ultimas had on the Apple ][ as seen here).

The title ships with voicings for the Roland MT-32 sound module. These are the voicings for Roland Sound Canvas devices (actually any General MIDI device with 128 capital tones will do).

Download and copy MIDI.DAT to your ULTIMA6 directory (remember to rename/backup the original first!). Then run INSTALL.EXE and select "Roland MT-32 / MIDI" as the sound card option.

Compiled manually by comparing tone lists for Roland MT-32 and Roland SC-7 and choosing similar sounding patches. A recording with a Roland SC-7 sound module available here.

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