Random Files for Retro Computers and Software

by Pekka Leppaluoto

Roland XP-10 device file for Mark A. Fontana's fabulous MFPLAY 1.2 for DOS

Download and copy XP10.DEV to your MFPLAY directory. Then specify the line "MIDI_DEVICES1 xp10" in your MFPLAY.CFG under the "MIDI DEVICES" section. Compiled using the tone list from Roland XP-10 Owner's Manual.

(General) MIDI compatible MIDI.DAT for Origin System Inc.'s Ultima VI: The False Prophet for IBM PC/Tandy/100% compatibles

The IBM PC version of Ultima VI: The False Prophet features a sound option for "Roland MT-32 / MIDI" and a special MIDI.DAT text file for controlling patch information (kinda similar than previous Ultimas had on the Apple ][ as seen here).

The original MIDI.DAT contains patch information for the Roland MT-32 preset sounds. The MIDI.DAT provided here was done manually by comparing both MT-32 and SC-7 patch lists and selecting the most similar instrument. As the MIDI.DAT only contains the instrument mappings, no velocity nor other performance data, some instruments where changed to better match the feeling of the original MT-32 song.

A recording of a Roland SC-7 General MIDI sound module in action available here.

Download and copy MIDI.DAT to your ULTIMA6 directory (remember to rename/backup the original first!). Then run INSTALL.EXE and select "Roland MT-32 / MIDI" as the sound card option.

Roland GS MIDI Collection 1.0

GSMIDI10.ZIP. A selected collection of professionally programmed Roland GS compatible MIDI files by Roland, Edirol and Music Sales. Use an early Roland GS device (SC-55, SCC-1 or even XP-10) for best results. Recommended player is MFPLAY for DOS. Playback using a Roland SC-55 available here.

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